Application of ISO 14001 in Giad- ElSewedy Cables Factory Gezera State, Sudan

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University of Khartoum
The goals of this study were to determine the practical steps taken to implement requirements of ISO 14001, to determine the benefits of implementation, and the effects on both environmental and economical performance. Also the goals were to identify the challenges that have faced the implementation and the emergency plan. These goals were achieved through the collection of basic information from the authorities of Giad ElSewedy Cables Company and Giad Industrial City and the distribution of questionnaires to managers and employees. The results of the study included all elements of ISO 14001 requirements through answers of the detailed questionnaires and statistical analysis for the data by computer software (STATA). The results of this study showed that the main obstacles the implementation faced were the identification of applicable legal requirements and the environmental aspects’ identification and measurements, what lead to use the Egyptian laws and standards. The study revealed that the percentage of application of ISO 14001 is 75 - 90 % and the percentage of benefit from the application is 80 - 95 %. The study recommended the updates of environmental laws in Sudan and establishing specific departments and environmental laboratories to measure the environmental aspects provided with advanced equipment and trained staff. It is also recommended that the improvement of communication system, providing environmental training programmes and development concern of environmental awareness among the employees through effective participations in the Environmental Management System.
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Application, ISO,Giad- ElSewedy,Cables,Factory,Gezera,State, Sudan