Sensory, Physical and Chemical Properties of Ground Beef Patties Blended

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Babiker, Elsir Abdelhadi
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University of Khartoum
The objective of this study was to determine the effect of different forms of lentils on sensory, physical and chemical properties of ground beef patties. Different forms of lentils were prepared and blended with ground beef to form 4 treatments: a. 0 % lentils (control). b. 20% lentils (Soaked and cooked). c. 20% lentils (Soaked). d. 20% lentils (Powder). Salt and spices were added equally to all treatments. Patties were then formed and frozen to different tests. For ground beef, the addition of lentils had no significant effect in all the sensory attributes measured. There was a slight increase in the scores for juiciness and texture in lentils blended samples, but slightly lower scores for flavour than control samples scored above slightly desirable in all attributes. Addition of lentils significantly affected colour measurement on lightness "L” and yellowness “b” values while redness value "a" was not affected. Addition of lentils significantly affected cooking losses .All blended patties gave lower cooking loss than control patties. Ash content and moisture were significantly affected, protein and fat contents were not significantly affected.
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Sensory; Physical; Chemical Properties; Ground Beef Patties; Protein; Fat