The Effects Of Feeding Nigella Sativa L. On Some Immune Reactions And The Levels Of Blood Proteins In Diabetic Rabbits

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This study to elucidate the effect of N. sativa on some biochemical parameters such as glucose, proteins, albumin and globulins, and to investigate the effect of N. sativa seeds on some immune functions by studying the phagocytic activity and hypersensitivity. Sixteen local male rabbits of one and half years of age , were divided into four groups A, B, C, D .Groups A and B ,non-diabetic , C and D are diabetic. All groups were fed on sorghum. Groups B and D replaced their diet with 15 % of black cumin seeds. The treatment continued for one month from August to September (2004). Serum samples were collected every two weeks for determination of glucose, total proteins, albumin and globulins. Phagocytic activity and hypersensitivity tests were done at the end of the experiment. The statistical analysis of data revealed that feeding 15 % of black cumin to non-diabetic and diabetic rabbits leads to non significant reduction in glucose level, Significant increased in total serum proteins and albumin (P < 0.05),and non significant increasing in globulins. The increasing effect appeared after treatment for two weeks and continued until week 4 in total proteins and albumin. Results showed significant rise in polymorph nuclear leukocyte (P < 0.05), and anti- inflammatory effect of N. sativa observed by non significant decrease in skin thickness in treated groups.
Blood,Immune Reactions,Feeding Nigella Sativa