Design, Development and EvaluationOf Sugar Cane Cultivator

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Mohamed, Yassir A/Alla
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University of khartoum
Due to the fluctuation of sugar price, the use of the agricultural practices to reduce the cost of production and increase the production per feddan is essential. Local production of implement to reduce the cost of production and to increase production by good quality machine designed according to local conditions and simple in design and maintenance . Along with Kenana research and development program in agricultural mechanization a cane cultivator was designed and tested to perform three operations in one path and these three implements are rigid tine cultivator, double raw on barring and fertilizer applicator. A 75 hp tractor will be used for this combined implement . The objective of designing this implement is to reduce the cost of production ,and to reduce the number of tractors runs on the heavy clay soil in relatively high water content which affect soil physical property and to minimize the total cost of production . The combined cane cultivator was evaluated in terms of cost of production, output per feddan and fuel consumption. The result showed that cane cultivator is 23% lower in purchase cost compared to the cost of the three implements ,only one tractor is needed ( 75 hp .) ,less fuel consumption per feddan and high field capacity .
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University of khartoum