Adaptation of a Solar –Powered Solid Absorption Refrigerator for Domestic Application

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Usama Ahmed Mohamed, Khairy
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University of Khartoum
This work consists of theoretical and experimental investigation of an adapted absorption system for domestic application under Khartoum conditions. The work is divided into four parts. The first part includes configuration, and level of utilization of the different types of collectors; with more emphasis on f1atplate collectors and their relevant details. The second part deals with design, and testing of a flat-plate collector that solves the problem of cooling during the absorption process. Test data, analysis, and results (which show the economical viability of the solution) are presented in this part. Design of a solar-powered solid absorption refrigerating system is shown in part three. Correlation is made with 1/8 HP commercial refrigerator with a view to meeting domestic refrigerating system. Conclusions and recommendations are presented in part four, and as well Appendix (A), Appendix (8), and references
Adaptation , Solar,Powered Solid, Absorption, Refrigerator , Domestic Application, Refrigerator for Domestic Application, Powered Solid Absorption