Fifld Establishment Of Azadirachta indica Dalbergia sissoo and Khaya senegalensis

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Baderedin joda,
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this study was conducted in Kondowa forest reserve in South Darfur State during the period from August 2010 - October 2010 to compare the field establishment of Azadiracta indica, Dalbergia sissoo and Khaya senegalensis by seedling under rainfed conditions. The experiments were executed as randomized complete block design with three replicates. Analysis of variance was performed on shoot length, stem diameter at root collar and root length. There were significant differences between the three tested species in shoot length and highly significant differences in stem diameter at root collar. The results indicated the superiority of Dalbergia sissoo in survival rate under prevailing field conditions. The survival rates were 100, 91, and 87% for Dalbergia sissoo, Azadirachta indica and Khaya senegalensis respectively. The average shoot lengths were as follows: Dalbergia sissoo 10.8 cm Azadirachta indica 9.1 cm and Khaya senegalensis 8.7 cm. The average diameters at root collar were 3.4 cm for Dalbergia sissoo, 3.0 cm for Azadirachta indica, and 2.6 cm for Khaya senegalensis, the average root lengths were 25.7 cm for Dalbergia sissoo, 21.4 cm for Azadirachta indica, and 22 cm for Khaya senegalensis. The three tree species tested gave satisfactory establishment, thus encouraging their adoption for Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on to remove this watermark. ix future planting programs in the reserved forest and surrounding habitats further investigation would be useful for large scale planting.
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