Analog Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator in Modern Communication Systems

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Abdalrahman, Fida
Elsiddig, Haj eltayeb
Babiker, Sharief Fadul
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University of Khartoum
In today’s ways of communications, our delivery channels are basically dependent on electromagnetic media. In this context the frequency stability is a significant factor that plays an essential role in the design process of oscillators. A crystal oscillator represents one of the most popular types of oscillators that are popularly used in modern communication systems. The generated frequency from this kind of oscillators is affected by a number of environmental factors; greatly by the change in temperature. One procedure to stabilize the frequency of a crystal oscillator is known as a temperature compensation technique. In this paper this method will be presented. The design and results will be clearly explained. Frequency stability within the range ±2.5 ppm was achieved under a temperature range -20C to 70C.
Modern Communication Systems, Crystal