Factors Affeeting Infant And Child Mortality in squatter Settlement area Case study of EL-Hag Yousif Area

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Intesar Ali, Abdalla
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This study is investigates and identifies the impact of the factors that affect infant and child mortality in squatter settlement area, taking El-hag Yousif as a case for the study. The objective of the study is to define and assess how existing living conditions and family environment influence infant and child health. The focus, however, was particularly on socio-economic factors (independent variables), and a grouping of intermediate factors i.e., demographic, environmental, nutritional, and cultural variables. The data was collected in six quarters of the squatter area by interviewing a sample of 500 ever-married women aged 15-50 years who have at least one live birth. The relationship between infant and child mortality and the socio-economic and demographic factors was examined. Differentials in childhood mortality have been found to be associated with the level and changes in the educational attainment of the parents. The proportion of dead children is higher among the illiterate mothers than among the educated ones. The study points to the role of education, especially that of the mother, as important variable in determining fertility and infant and child mortality. However, infant and child mortality has been found to be affected by father’s occupation and improvement in the household’s living conditions. Other variables, which may be of particular importance to infant and child health attributes, include demographic characteristics of the mother, nutritional feeding, environmental condition, and cultural traits. However, the major causes of death among infants and children include diarrhoea, respiratory diseases, fever, measles, and other causes. The results suggest that improvement in these factors i.e. increase educational attainment and increase in the household income, will serve to reduce infant and child mortality.
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Factors Affecting Infant And Child Mortality in squatter Settlement area Case study of EL-Hag Yousif Area