Electron Spin Resonance Study of Irradiated Single Crystals of 3- Hydroxyxanthine

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Suleiman Mohammad, El-Nasieh
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In the present work an attempt has been made to measure the elemental content of Karkadeh, Sesame and Stones in the Urinary System using the newly acquired technique of X - Ray Fluorescence. XRF was first used to measure the elements concentration in Karkadeh and whether there are any toxic elements and in case of their presence, their concentration and whether they are harmful to human beings. The same analysis was carried out with Sesame. In addition a comparative study of the three main sesame producing regions: Eastern Sudan, Western Sudan and Blue Nile Province was made. The XRF technique was also used to measure the elements in stones of Urinary system “kidney, bladder and ureter ". The differences between the stone elements and the causes of stones were studied. Type of water, food, age and tension were suggested to be the possible factors towards the formation of stone studied. A discussion of results and an interpretation of the discrepancies observed are included in the thesis.
X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis Application for Biological Samples.