Biochemical and Sensory Evaluation of Carotene and Protein Enriched Biscuits

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Hag, H.M. E.
El Tinay, A.H.
Ahmed, A.R.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
Market biscuits prepared conventionally from wheat flour were supplemented with legume flour and carrot powder to enhance their protein and vitamin A levels, respectively. Addition of 18% chick pea or pigeon pea flours to wheat flour biscuits increased the protein content from 10% in market biscuits to 13.5% in supplemented samples. Incorporation of carrot powder at 10% level gave vitamin A content of 426 RE/100g for chick pea supplemented biscuits against 39l RE/100g for pigeon pea supplemented biscuits. Chickpea biscuits recorded best preference among penalists and were significantly (P£0.05) better than pigeon pea biscuits. The essential amino acid lysine was significantly (P£0.05) improved from 1.26 g/100g protein in conventional market biscuits to 3.39 g/100g protein in chickpea biscuits, which possessed higher in vitro protein digestibility (95%) compared to market biscuits (82.5%). The calculated protein efficiency ratio of chickpea biscuits (1.6) was significantly (P£0.05) higher than that of the market biscuits (0.81).
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