Discriminant Analysis Of The Social Development In The Northern Sudan (2000

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Mohamed Abdalla, Ibrahim
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This study is concerned with social development as consisting of a number of social fields. Each social field consists of a number of measurable indicators .The social fields that comprise the body of the study are: Education, Health, Traditional social field and Communication. The study is an attempt to shed light on the differences in social development between the states of the northern Sudan using the indicators of each state in the different field. However due to the unavail availability of a sufficient number of data and indicators in each field, it was not possible to calculate a separate index for each field. Therefore, a composite index for social development is being calculated for each state of the 16 northern states. Among the different indicators, those proved to be highly efficient and positively correlated with the first principal component and first factor analysis are the pro- social development indicators. The composite index of these positively behaving indicators is computed for each state representing its endowment in social development. The study is based on secondary data collected from the Central Bureau of Statistic (1993 population census and Mics 2000 survey) and the Ministry of Higher Education. The study used a number of analytical techniques: principal component analysis, factor analysis and discriminant analysis. Results of the study divided the sixteen northern Sudan states into two groups these are: States with social development endowment six states. States with low social development endowment ten states. It is found that six states fall in group1 and ten states fall in group2. Group1 states are: Khartoum, R.Nile, Gezira, Northern, Red sea and Sinnar. Group2 states are: W.Darfour, W.Kordofan, S.Darfour, S.Kordofan, N.Darfour, N.Kordofan, B.Nile, W.Nile, Kassala and kadarif. Group2 states are the least developed states in terms of the human basic needs
Discriminant Analysis Of The Social Development In The Northern Sudan (2000