Effects of Short-Time Storage on Semen Characteristics of Parent Breeder Cocks under Sudan Conditions

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Abdelhameed, Hind
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This study was conducted to examine the effect of short-time storage temperature and types of diluents on semen viability and morphology of cocks kept under Sudan’s conditions. There was a significant effect (p<0.01) of storage temperature on semen viability (motility and percentage of dead sperms). Storing semen at room temperature (30-35°C) had a harmful effect as reflected on rapid decline on motility (17%) and an increased percentage of dead spermatozoa (33-34%) compared to 5 and 10°C with high motility (63%) and reduced number of dead spermatozoa (19%). There was an increase in percentage of bentspermatozoa, when the temperature was reduced to 5 or 10°C. Storage time did not affect motility percentage, but it had a significant (p<0.01) effect on dead and bent spermatozoal percentages. The percent of bent-spermatozoa increased significantly from 0 h (1.14) to 2 h (2.18%), but no increase was observed between 2 and 4 h. The coiled spermatozoon was not affected by either storage time or temperature. There was a significant interaction (p<0.01) between storage time and temperature on motility and dead spermatozoa percentage. The sperm motility decreased significantly (p<0.01) after 4 h storage to (61%) when compared with fresh semen (63%) at all incubation temperature. The percent dead spermatozoa increased significantly (p<0.01) with time from 0 h (12.2%) to 2 h (19.46%) at all incubation temperatures, no significant increase between 2 and 4 h at 5°C or 10°C. There was a significant (p<0.01) interaction between temperature and diluents on dead sperm percentage. Dilution of semen with pasteurized whole milk resulted on good semen viability, which appeared on low percentage of dead spermatozoa (9.7%) compared to Ringer’s solution (25.66%) and undiluted samples (21.84%) and low percentage of abnormal sperm (0.8%) compared to Ringer’s solution (2.85%) and undiluted sample (3.02%) at 5 and 10°C. No significant interaction between the age of cocks and storage time, temperature and diluents on semen viability after storage. Results revealed that best diluent’s was pasteurized whole milk and the suitable storage time was 2-4 h and the optimum temperature for storage was 5-10°C.
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Avian semen, semen viability, storage temperature, storage time