Prevalence of Antibodies to Pest des petits Ruminants Virus in Nine States of the Sudan

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Faiza Awad El Karim Mohamed, Mohamed
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The study was carried out to estimate prevalence of antibodies to PPR virus in nine different states of the Sudan. The variation in the ecology and animal husbandry among these states was put into consideration. A total of 1005 serum samples were collected from both sheep and goats, 751 samples were taken from sheep and 254 from goats. These samples were distributed within the different states as follows180 samples; 115 from sheep and 65 from goats collected from south Darfur. 100 samples; 80 from sheep and 20 from goats were collected from West Kordofan, Sinnar, White Nile and Red Sea States. 200 samples from Khartoum State; 150 and 50 from sheep and goats respectively; 100 samples were from River Nile state; 66 from sheep and 34 from goats. In Kassala State, the samples collected were 100 (75 from sheep and 25 from goats). In West Bahr el Ghazal State only 25 sheep were sampled. A competitive ELISA was used to detect antibodies against PPR virus. Prevalence of antibodies to PPR virus in sheep in was 74% in Red Sea State, 65% in Kassala, 62% in South Darfur, Khartoum and River Nile States, 59% in West Kordofan and Sinnar 52% in West Bahr el Ghazal and 50% in White Nile State. Prevalence in goats was 48% in Kassala, 64% in Khartoum, 40% in West Kordofan and White Nile, 26% in South Darfur, 25% in Sinnar, l0% in Red Sea while in River Nile State the prevalence in goats was zero per cent.
Prevalence of Antibodies to Pest des petits Ruminants Virus in Nine States of the Sudan.