Vehicle Tracking System for Sugarcane Hauling In Kennana Scheme

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Khalifa, Azhar Hamid Salih
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University of Khartoum
Accurate information and mapping system on sugar cane industry is very important in developing effective and efficient database management for decision making. This study had, as objective, the development of a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) to be used for hauling sugar cane in Kenana Scheme. The Vehicle Tracking System hardware included vehicle terminal (GPS plus GSM/GPRS modules) and monitoring center (GSM/GPRS modem). For vehicle terminal, GPS antenna was used to determine exact location, speed and direction while (GSM/GPRS) operator (Sim Card) was used to allow this position information to be sent to the monitoring center. The monitoring center comprised communication server GSM/GPRS modem and database server plus client with GIS map integrated in control software. Vehicle tracking system used digital maps obtained from high resolution aerial images, which enabled accessing multiple variables needed for analysis. Consequently, many layers had been successfully digitized and generated from the images such as roads network and fields for all areas in Kenana Scheme. This system is considered one of the powerful solutions for the truck-fleet management which can efficiently reduce mileage, offer more efficient working hours, reduce theft, decrease cost, and enhance businesses. It can also reduce staff number and improve its performance and safety.
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Vehicle Tracking System ; Sugarcane Hauling ; Kennana Scheme;Transmitter; Automatic vehicle locar