Design of Communication Laboratories Manual

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Abd El Dafia Babiker Mohamed, Adam
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The main objective of this study is the organization of the communication laboratories in the Electrical and Electronic Eng. Department in the University of Khartoum. In the new syllabus of the Department (introduced in 1999), the laboratories are treated as separate courses that cover the different communication subjects. Thus the study is conducted to design the experiments for these lab courses and gave the recommendations regarding the development of these laboratories for best performance. The different communication lab types have been studied and their advantages and limitations have been discussed. Some of the laboratory system vendors have been contacted for more information about their products so as to discuss the use of these systems in the communication laboratories in the Department. Visits to some Sudanese universities (Sudan University for Science and Technology, college of Computer Studies (Computer man) and College Technological Science), have been made so as to study the advantages and limitations of their lab systems. Also, visits have been made to the Internet sites of some international universities (Oxford Brookes. (UK), Illinois (USA), Ibdian (Nigeria) and Cape Town (South Africa)). The new syllabus has been studied and a set of experiments has been selected and designed for each lab course according to the subjects to be covered by that course and a lab manual containing these experiments have been designed. Also, some recommendations regarding the development of the communication laboratories have been given at the end of the thesis.
Design , Communication, Laboratories, Manual