Islamic Perceptions on Terrorism

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الحاج, حسن
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University of Khartoum
Since the terrorist attacks of Septeber 11, terrorism became the challenge that is facing the international community. It became apparent since then that this challenge is not confined to specific region or area in the World, but rather a gobal trend. For example some Middle Eastern countires, from which most of the participants in the terrorist attacks of September 11, originate, such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, suffered from terrorist attacks. Since Al-Qadea Organization has been the main orchestrator of the recent major terrorist attacks, there is a growing interest, Worldwide, on the position of Islam and the perception of Muslims regarding terrorism. This paper attempts to address this issue by analyizing the opinions and practices of the leading Islamic institutions, sholars, and groups conerning terrorism. Moreover, it highlits the impact of terrorism on South Korea in relation to its recent military involvement in Iraq.
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Islamic ,Perceptions,Terrorism