Effect of Different Rates of Chicken Manure on the Growth and Yield of Forage Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

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Babiker Mohammed Bakiker El-Munna
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This study was conducted to investigate the contribution Save the Children USA to achieve sustainable rural development in UmRuwaba Governorate , North Kordfan State. Save the Children USA is an international non – governmental organization. It established UmrRuwaba sub- office in 1986 following the drought and desertification that stroke the area in the early 1980s resulting in poor economic and social services which badly affected the well-being of the people residing in the area. The organization adopted the participatory approach to enable the target group to participate effectively in the process of their community development in a sustainable manner. The study adopted the descriptive methods and both primary and secondary data were collected and used . Primary data were gathered by using questionnaire, interviews , group discussions and observation. The secondary data were obtained from the organization documents, thesis, official reports and other relevant sources. The accidental and purposive sampling methods were used to select 60 respondents from 8 villages respectively. The main results obtained from this study shows that the organization has contributed to the process of development in the study area through involvement of beneficiaries in development activities through well established community based organization. The study results also indicate that the organization introduced some income generating activities , but it failed to attain its prescribed objectives , because the Agricultural Bank which financed these activities, refused to complete its support to implement these activities. The study suggested some recommendations mainly expansion of the organization activities to cover more villages in the study area. The establishment of the local institutions should be associated with relevant training. Moreover , the study recommended more involvement of women in community based organizations to ensure their participation in the development activities. The study also recommended the establishment of income generating activities with much emphasis on two things : selection of project types that involve low risks and secure high profits in order to ensure participation of local people in the established projects and activities on one hand, and the selected projects should be based on appropriate technology to enable the beneficiaries to exploit the available resources, on the other hand.
Rural Development
University of khartoum