Variability and characterization of different Jew's mallow Corchorus olitorius. genotypes.

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Osman, EL Waleed Osman Awad
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University of Khartoum
A study of variability and characterization of different Jew's mallow genotypes (Corchorus olitorius), Baladi, Janobi, Egyptian, and Faw were tested on different planting dates, 16th of October 2003, early winter, 24th of January 2004, late winter, 2nd of May 2004, early summer, 3rd of July 2004.late summer, under Shambat conditions. It was found that the genotypes interacted significantly with environments. Among the planting dates, May 2, showed the highest growth and seed yield. The genotype Faw showed better performance for seed yield and its contributing characters than the other genotypes. There was a high degree of resemblance between the accessions for most early vegetative growth and some of yield components characters. None of the accessions was found to be homogenous in stem color, leave color and seed color. Testing over planting dates within season was showed a lot of significant differences. The interaction between genotypes and seasons was found to be in significant, indicating that the performance of genotypes was consistent over seasons.
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Jew's Mallow ;Corchorus Olitorius ; Genotypes; Taxonomy; Ecology; Propagation ;Planting