The Study of the Performance of Diesel Engines When Dual Fueled by Producer Gas and Gasoil

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Mohamed Mustafa Ali, Mahmoud
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The liquid fuel consumption of a diesel engine the been partially substituted by a gaseous fuel .Producer gas is used here , it is generated from wood or charcoal in a gas producer then conditioned in a cleaning-cooling system and admitted to the diesel engine so as to substituted part of its original diesel fuel consumption . The gasification system was designed, fabricated and then connected to the diesel engine. The gas producer –engine system was operated and tested .Necessary modifications were made to the engine to suit the new mode of dual-fuel operation. The engine was tested running on both pure diesel fuel and dual-fuel modes. Then its operation was optimized by varying two parameters, namely the secondary air rate of flow and the liquid fule consumption and the power output of the engine. As a result of this optimization, a diesel fuel replacement of about 80% was reached, at about mid load range, and 50% at dull load capacity of the engine .This was occurred at an injection timing settings of 26&25 0 BTDC respectively. The result obtained was used to analyse the combustion process in the dual –fuel mode of operation. Some new conclusions were arrived at in this area of research.
Performance , Diesel Engines , Dual Fueled, Producer Gas ,Gasoil