Structural Adjustment Programs And Human Development In The Sudan(1990 – 2005

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Abdul Hameed Elias, Suliman
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This study has intended mainly to provide rigorous justification for the observed inconsistency between the improving HDI figures and the deteriorating living conditions of the population in Sudan during the recent \\\\\\\"economic liberalization\\\\\\\" era. In this regard, the study has tried to examine the situation of health, education and income distribution under liberalization. Besides, a disaggregated HDI for the Sudan has been constructed in an attempt to explain the severe regional and states\\\\\\\' disparities in HDI in the Sudan. The study has covered the period 1990-2005 which has witnessed the implementation of the Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs). The study has mainly used secondary sources of data. It used both quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis in its attempt to examine the link between human development and Structural Adjustments Programs. The study found that although remarkable economic growth has been achieved during the implementation period of the SAPs, yet, little has been translated in terms of welfare to the poor people. However, public policy still has vital roles to play in terms of reallocation of resources to the social sector and redistribution of income in favor of the poor segments of the population. One of the main findings of the study is that the nature of the HDI index limits its use as measurement of people welfare improvement. In addition, national or aggregated HDI has a tendency to mask regional disparities in human development. By constructing a disaggregated HDI for the Sudan we were able to show the great disparities in human development between different states. Finally, the study has proposed some policy-based recommendations emphasizing the role of public policy in the realization of human development through adoption of policy measures that translate growth into the welfare of the poor people in the Sudan
Structural ,Adjustment Programs,Human Development,Sudan