Design of Interactive Web Pages Using java Scrip

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Ahmed, Hanan Mahmoud
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University of Khartoum
Interactivity of web page is the driving force behind using scripting languages like Perl, CGI, Java applets and JavaScript in web page design. The term scripting is also used because a language will react to, control or "script" a series of events. JavaScript extends the standard Web page beyond its normal use. With the standard Web site, you get more information by clicking on a hypertext link and the server sends you another file. On a more interactive page, you complete a form, submit the results to the server and wait for a response. JavaScript improve the design, create mouse over effects, validate forms and make online games without the involvement of the server. JavaScript developed by Netscape, is a lightweight, interpreted, easy to learn programming language and its usually embedded in HTML pages and it is executed by the browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator support this language in different ways. A web page must be checked in both browsers before published into the Internet. In this thesis we will have a look at this language and we will use it to design some interactive web pages.
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Design,Interactive,Web Pages,java Scrip