Isolation, Identification and Antibiotic Sensitivityof Aerobic Bacteria Associated with Respiratory Tract Infections of Chickens in Khartoum North Area

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Mohammed, Myssarah
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This study was carried out in Khartoum North area to isolate and identify the bacteria associated with the respiratory tract infections of chickens. Seventy eight samples were collected from five farms in Khartoum North area one farm in each of Alkadaro, Umalgora, Almazallat and two farms in Shambat. Samples were aseptically collected from different breeds of chickens showing clear respiratory symptoms. The samples were nasal swabs, conjunctival swabs, tracheal swabs and specimens from lungs. The sensitivity of bacteria isolated from infected chicken to antibiotics was examined. The collected samples showed bacterial growth in 64 (82.1 %) samples and yielded 89 (114.1 %) isolates. Fifty two (66.7 %) of isolates were found to be Gram positive bacteria and the remaining 37 (47.4 %) isolates were Gram negative bacteria. The result of sensitivity test showed variable results, some showed high sensitivity while others showed resistance.The most effective antibacterial drug was Gentamicin (85.7%) but the lowest effective drug was Lincomycin (12.5%). The result of this study described the bacterial respiratory diseases as the one of the constrains to poultry production in Khartoum North area.
Isolation, Identification, Antibiotic Sensitivity, Aerobic Bacteria, Associated,Respiratory ,Tract Infections,Chickens,Khartoum North Area