Preoperative Intravenous Tenoxicam for Acute Pain Relief Following Ano-rectal Surgery

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A/Latif, Amir
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Background: Postoperative pain relief is often less than optimal, especially for those of minor surgical procedures. The objectives are to test the postoperative pain relief of a preoperative intravenous dose of 40 mg tenoxicam and to investigate its tolerability and safety in patients undergoing minor rectal surgery. Methods: This study is prospective open one that included 163 patients with different elective & emergent ano-rectal minor conditions. The pain was assessed postoperatively at zero time, four, eight & 24 hours' time. Visual analogue scale, colour category, face description, postoperative mobility and verbal patient view were used to assess pain. The tolerability was investigated by incidence of major adverse event, nausea and bleeding from the operative site. The data obtained were processed using the statistical package of social sciences programme. Results: The study included 87 patients (53%) in the trial group and 76 patients (47%) were in the placebo group. Patients in the trial group had low measurements of postoperative pain measurements, early motility and more pleasure and that was statistically significant. No patients in the trial group had a major adverse event and all of them had less nausea and postoperative bleeding were less than those seen in the placebo group and that was statistical significant. Conclusion: The study recommended preoperative intravenous tenoxicam for patients with minor ano-rectal surgery to relieve postoperative pain and minimize the postoperative requirements of opoids.
Preoperative, Intravenous, Tenoxicam,Acute, Pain, Relief,Ano-rectal Surgery