Establishment of Nursery-Raised-Seedlings of Acacia nailotic in Flooded Areas (maaya’s) in Khour Al Atshan, Sennar State - Sudan

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Ali Ibrahim Ahmed, Abbas
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This study investigated the success of Acacia nilotica regeneration by nursery raised seedlings in comparison with seed broadcasting in flooded areas (maaya's). The study was conducted in Khor Al Atshan reserved forests and consisted of three field experiments: regeneration by seeds broadcasting after flooding, by seedling transplanting after flooding and before flooding. Survival and seedling growth was evaluated and the relationship between growth parameters (length and girth) and days after seedling transplantation was quantified. In the first experiment, treated seeds of A. nilotica were broadcasted in protected areas and were evaluated for germination and seedling survival. Germination percent was low (4%) and the survival seedlings died after the first flooding of the Khor. In the second and third experiments, nursery-raised seedlings were transplanted before and after flooding of the Khor at three depths (15, 30 and 45 cm). Seedlings planted just before the flooding were unable to with stand flooding and died due to submersion and suffocation by water (seedling length was 35 cm). However, those planted after flooding showed a success of about 85.8 % survival due to the extended growth season that enable them to perform an increase in both height and diameter growth. The shallowest soil depth had a significant effect on seedling length where depth 15 cm showed higher shoot length. However, seedling girth was not affected by soil depth. Regression showed significant relations between each of seedling length and girth with days fro transplanting. The study recommends use of seedlings in establishment of Acacia nilotica in flooded depressions and maaya’s, particularly after flood receding
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