Ticks (Acari Ixodidae) Infesting Cattle Destined For Export at Alkadaro Quarantine Station, Khartoum State, Sudan

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Shareef Ibrahim Ali, Atif
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This study was conducted at Alkadaro Quarantine for Animals Export to determine the ticks infesting cattle destined for export. Half body collection of ticks was carried out three times a month from 20 cattle during June, July and August 2012. The cattle for export had been brought from EL Obied, Gadarif and Nyala. The results indicated that these cattle were infested with ten species of ixodid ticks; these were Amblyomma lepidum, A. variegatum, Hyalomma impeltatum, H. truncatum, H. rufipes, H. dromedarii, H. anatolicum, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus, R. (Boophilus) decoloratus and R. evertsi evertsi. The most abundant tick species was A. lepidum. Its number was 893 ticks (68.85%) followed by A. variegatum 132 ticks (10.18%), H. impeltatum 113 ticks (8.7%), H. truncatum 46 ticks (3.5%), H. dromedarii 40 ticks (3.08%), H. rufipes 36 ticks (2.8%), H. anatolicum 29 ticks (2.2%), R. evertsi evertsi 6 ticks (0.5%), R. B. annulatus 1 tick (0.08%) and R. B. decoloratus 1 tick (0.08%). Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on http://www.verypdf.com/ to remove this watermark. The mean tick species on cattle brought from EL Obied was (9±0.6), Gadarif (7±0.5) and Nyala (5±0.5). Cattle older than four years carried the highest tick load (10.5±0.7) followed by cattle 3- 4 years old (7.4±0.6) and cattle 2- 3 years old (6.3±0.4), whereas the calves younger than 1 year carried the lowest tick load (4.1±0.6). Cows carried significantly more ticks (8.2±1) than bulls (6.9±0.3). Butana type of cattle carried higher (7.6±0.5) tick load than Kenana (6.7±0.4). Cattle with white coat colour carried the highest mean load (7.3±0.4) while the lowest mean load was carried by brown coat colour cattle (6.4±0.6). Seasonally, the highest mean load was recorded in July (8±0.7), while the lowest load was recorded in August (6.5±0.5). According to the body predilection sites, the highest mean load was collected from the udder (9.4±1.9), while the lowest load was from the scrotum (6.3±0.6). This study was carried out during a limited time. The results may be different if seasonal variations are taken into consideration. However, the current results may reflect only the fact that ticks brought to Khartoum are numerous and varied in their species and origins.
Cattle ,Destined , Alkadaro,Quarantine Station, Khartoum State, Sudan