Using Literature in Pedagogical Contexts as a Solution for the EFL Learners’ Problems in Sudan

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Abd El Hamid, Suad Mubarak El Haj
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This paper is an attempt to answer several open-ended questions regarding the pedagogical values of the exploitation of literature in promoting EFL learning at the different educational levels in the Sudan. These answers are grounded on a system of research methods which have recently been introduced by the new trends in stylistics. Apart from the introduction and the conclusion, this paper consists of the background of the topic which reviews a number of issues concerning the merits, role, procedures and activities of using literature in EFL contexts. The paper also provides a summary of research in the theories and approaches of literature in EFL contexts. Afterwards, the paper focuses on the tools of the stylistic methods and techniques to be applied in the study of every literary text. Two English poems were specifically selected for placing the stylistic analysis principles in the context of patterns of meaning to be stylistically analyzed. The examples were selected for the investigation of the poetic devices which are commonly used in a literary text. Finally, the paper tries to summarize the pedagogical values gained by poetry stylistic analysis in learning the linguistic aspects of a literary text. This paper focuses on the most effective pedagogical technique and content as a contribution to the quality of education in the Sudan.
EFL context, literary text, stylistic analysis, poetic devices