Prosthodontic treatment needs in Sudan Military Hospital

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Elsharief ,Mohamed Moustafa
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The location of our study is Omdurman Military Hospital it is the major hospital to which the patients can be referred to from all other military hospitals. The services of this hospital are not only confined to the employees and their families but also to the public Sudanese residents. The aim of this study is to document the number of missing teeth, to examine the prosthetic rehabilitation and to evaluate further prosthetic treatment needs among a representative sample of patients attending Omdurman Military Hospital. Interviews and clinical examinations were conducted to determine the dental concern among 200 subjects regardless of their age. The need for prosthodontic treatment and the evaluation of the partial and complete denture restorations were assessed . The results showed that 56% of the subjects were in need for either fixed, removable or combined prosthodontic treatment.3.5% wore fixed prostheses, 58.3% of which were in IV need of reconstruction, 2% wore removable partial dentures 25% of which were in need of reconstruction, 1.5% wore complete dentures all of them were satisfactory. Proper patient educations, a higher quality of prosthetic dentistry, a decrease in cost availability of facilities are just some of the factors which might help reduce the need for prosthetic treatment in future. This study has brought to attention the fact that there is a need for prosthodontic treatment, and that although some of the patient had missing teeth replaced, several prosthetic lacked the required standard.
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Sudan Military Hospital;tooth loss;Dental;cystic lesion