Environmental Problems in Hydrocarbon Upstream and Downstream Operations

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Ahmed, Mowahib Mohy EL Din Mohammed
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Circa, two decades lapsed by since vast areas in western, central, southern and southeastern Sudan have been subjected to hectic and very ambitious petroleum up and downstream operations. Invariably how large or small the operations are, they constitute serious environmental stresses if not properly coached. One of the objectives of the present study is to highlight the probable environmental problems that may accompany such an industry in Sudan and specifically to pinpoint the actual status quo in the oil producing areas and oil treatment facilities. The study was, primarily, based on secondary data collected from published and unpublished literature, augmented by personal observations during site visits, personal communications and interviews with some experts in the oil industry. The research endeavours indicated that oil industry has negative impacts on the natural and built environment (soil, surface and groundwater, air, agricultural lands and settlements). The outcome of the study dictated the conclusion that the alleviation of the negative impacts of oil producing and treatment operations at all stages rests on the degree of compliance and adherence of the oil producing companies to the regulations that organize and govern such activities. Hence, the concerned authorities should endeavour to monitor and bring to light the slightest violation to those regulations. In that context the study suggests that the recruitment of qualified environmental inspectors is a necessity.
Environmental Problems,Hydrocarbon, Upstream , Downstream Operations