Environmental Aspects of Mining and Related Industrial Activities(With Reference to Asbestos, Marble, Chromite and Gold )In Sudan

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Amel Ezzeldin, Mohammed
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The geological and tectonic settings of the region where Sudan is situated provide the optimum conditions for the accumulations of huge mineral resources. There are ample indicators that support such a line of thinking. Hence all geological studies are directed to disclose the hidden resources(minerals, petroleum and waters) which constitute the backbone of developmental schemes. The main objectives of this study are to highlight the environmental problems related to mining industry, special interest are the mining and treatment processes. The nature of the mined materials dictates the type of mining methods (surface or subsurface). Beneficiation demands some physical or chemical treatments to upgrade the ore to the utilization stage. The research utilized secondary data from published and unpublished sources such as books, web sites, scientific magazines, personal communication with experts who have rich mining experiences and augmented with site visits. The study recognizes the role of mining activities in our civilization(inevitable evil), but there is a need to minimize the negative environmental effects which accompany all stages of mining (exploration, treatment of mined ores, beneficiation) through adoption and stringent adherence to the regulations and norms which organize such activities, in quest of monitoring any violations that lead to environmental degradation
Environmental Aspects ,Mining ,Related, Industrial Activities, Asbestos, Marble, Chromite and Gold ), Sudan