Morphometric traits as indicator of body weight at various ages in Sudanese Rabbits

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عبدالحميد, هند
Elamin, Khalid M.
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University of Khartoum
In this trial 10 linear traits were measured to formulate regression equations for body weight prediction in Sudan local rabbits. Traits measured beside body weight (BW) were ear length (EAR), heart girth (HG), height at withers (HTW), body length (BL), abdominal circumference (ABC), distance from nose to shoulder (NTS), length of the fore limb (FL), length of the hind limb (HL), thigh girth (TG) and tail length (TL). These traits were measured at 3, 4, 5 months and over 5 (mature) months of ages in both sexes. We found the highest correlations (highly significant at P≤0.01) with body weight in all age groups. HG, BL and ABC were chosen as the indicator traits in the regression equations. The generated sex combined equations were Y= -749.76+41.89 HG+ 23.41 BL+17.15 ABC, Y=-348.17+24.52HG+27.02BL+14.19ABC and Y=-2197.23+69.46GH+45.41BL+33.68 ABC for 3, 4 and above 5 months of age. Obtained prediction equations have high values of R2 at 3 and mature ages (84- 0.59), moderate values at 4 months of ages (0.57-0.37) and low values at 5 months of age (0.31-0.15). These values suggested that prediction equations can be used efficiently in Sudanese rabbits to predict live weight at 3, 4 months of age and mature ages.
Abdominal circumference; Heart girth; Tail length; Thigh girth