The Effect of Parity Order and Season of Calving on Chemical Composition of Colostrum

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Abdoon Mohamed, Tahany
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The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of parity order of season of calve on the chemical composition (protein, fat, lactose) of colostrum in cows. Twenty-four newly lactating cows of different parity numbers were chosen from the University of Khartoum Farm herd to investigate the chemical composition of colostrums. The study was carried out from September 2009 till September 2010. Duplicate samples of colostrum from each of the experimental animals were collected and analyzed. The highest colostrum protein content obtained during autumn was 14.40% while the lowest value was 8.90% obtained during the summer season. The results revealed that both parity and season of calving influenced the chemical components of colostrum during the three first days postpartum. Differences in colostrum composition be of different parities were significant. The highest protein value recorded in day one of the colostral period in the different parities was obtained in parity four and five (19.5% each). Comparing between calving season the highest colostral protein was obtained in the autumn calving seasons while the lowest value was recorded in the summer calving season (8.95%). The fat component results showed significant differences between the different parties. The highest fat content was recorded in the summer calving season (5.01%) and the lowest value was obtained in autumn samples (3.64%). Difference in fat content during the three colostral period days were non consistent. The lactose content, on the other hand, demonstrated significantly differences among different parities with non consistent, pattern in colostral days. The season of calving exerted significantly differences in lactose content with the highest value (7.10%) recorded n the autumn calving season and the least was recorded for the summer calving season (3.40%).