Leucaena Leucocephala Browse as a Protein Supplement in Small Ruminants Diets

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IzzEL Din Adam, Babiker
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Fifteen entire male lambs of Sudan desert sheep, about nine months of age were used in a completely randomized design experiment to study the effect of supplementing poor quality roughage (Sorghum stover) with sun dried Leucaena leucocephala intake and roughage consumption, body weight changes and utilization of the nutrients. The animals were divided randomly into three groups of five animals each. The three groups were then allotted randomly to three dietary treatments, treatment A using sorghum stover ad. libitum (control), treatment B offered sorghum stover ad. libitum plus 10 gm/kg live body weight dried Leucaena leucocephala leaves, and treatment C was offered sorghum stover ad-libitum plus 20 gm/kg live body weight dried Leucaena leucocephala leaves. The parameters studied in the experiment were feed intake (kg), coefficient of digestibility, body weight changes (kg) and body weight gain (g/day). Results obtained indicated that the total feed intake reported 30% and 50% increase in treatments B and C, respectively compared to the control group (A), the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). Roughage intake was not affected by the supplementation of Leucaena leaves and the difference was not significant (P<0.05). The digestibility coefficients of the low quality roughage was increased as a result of the supplementation and the difference was found to be statistically significant (P<0.05). Body weight gain was found to be affected by the treatment to a level of 12.6 gm/day and 49 gm/day for the supplemented groups (B and C) while the unsupplemented group (A) lost 34.9 gm/day. The treatment had a significant (P<0.05) effect on this parameter. It was concluded that supplementation of low quality roughage with sun dried leucaena leaves had a positive effect on total dry matter intake, digestibility coefficients of the nutrients of low quality roughage and body weight gain. This led to improved performance of the sheep in this study.
Leucocephala Browse,Protein Supplement ,Small