Marketing Strategies of Commercial Banks in Sudan (Case Study)

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Aboelhassan, Yousif Awadelkarim
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University of Khartuom
This research aims to investigate the marketing strategies adopted by the commercial banks in Sudan. A number of key concepts has been discussed and reviewed . These include marketing strategies, service quality, customers satisfaction and banking technology. Two instruments have been used for data collection: a questionnaire and an interview. Both validity and reliability have been calculated and they show good level of validity and reliability. For data analysis, discussion and interpretation, three methods have been used: conjoint analysis, multiple regression analysis and service quality measurement. The most significant findings are: all the banks which have been studied do not have marketing strategies, majority of the banks which have been studied have marketing section or unit, the personnel who work in these marketing sections or units are not well highly qualified, and their number in some of these sections or units is not enough, and finally, top level management of the majority of these commercial banks do not recognize the importance of marketing to their business. In the light of these findings , the most important recommendations are: well organized and updated data bases have to be made in every bank to help in developing marketing strategies, top level managers of these commercial banks have to be aware of the importance of marketing to their business, the personnel who work in these marketing sections or units of these commercial banks need more training programs, and finally, the quality of banking services should be higher, by giving more attention and due weights to the dimensions of service quality (i.e, assurance, empathy, reliability, responsiveness, and tangibles).
Marketing Strategies, Commercial Banks, Sudan