Base-Line Data and control of Sandflies (Diptera : Psychodidae ) in Serogia Village (Khartoum ,Sudan ), Using Permethrin Impregnated Bendets and Curtains.

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Marim Atta El Manan, Aboud
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The present study was carried out in Serogia village Khartoum state, Sudan during the period March 1993-February 1994, to investigate some ecological aspects of Phlebotomine sandflies and assess the possibility of controlling the potential sandfly vector(s) of cutaneous leishmamasis using pyrethrum-impregnated bed nets and curtains. Light traps, sticky-paper traps, Knock-down technique, burrow's sticky traps and human-landing collections were used to investigate the temporal and special distribution and man-biding rates of the sandfly species of Sergio village. The most abundant sandfly species was Phlebotomus papatasi. Other species found were Sergentomvia antennata, S .clydei and S. squamiqleuris. Phlebotomus papatasi was the only man-biting sandfly species and was thus considered as the potential vector of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the village. Phlebotomus papatasi, Santennata and S .clydei were found resting at indoors sites and in burrows of Nile rat(Arvicanthis niloticus testicularis). With exception of S. squamiqleuris all sandfly species in the area were non seasonal. However, there, was a clear seasonal variation in the indoors and outdoors nocturnal activity and man-biting rates of P. Papatasi Laboratory bioassay of pyrethrum-impregnated curtains indicated that three minutes exposure, of female P. Papatasi to the concentration of 0.5g/m2, 1.0g/m2 and 1.5g/m2 permethrin caused 100% mortality within 24 hours. Field studies showed that permethrin impregnated curtains can effectively reduce the indoors man-biting rate and indoors resting density of sandflies. Similarly permethrin impregnated strips of curtains and bednets were found to be effective in reducing the outdoors man-biting habits of sandflies. The estimation of sandfly survival rates and determination of their nocturnal activities in rooms provided with insecticide-impregnated curtains indicated that the doses of permethrin used do not have repellent effects of sandflies. It is concluded that the man-biting sandfly can be effectively controlled using insecticide-impregnated bed nets and curtains.
Base-Line Data and control of Sandflies (Diptera : Psychodidae ) in Serogia Village (Khartoum ,Sudan ), Using Permethrin Impregnated Bendets and Curtains