Clinico Toxicological Study of Tetrachloride And Rafoxanide on Goats

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Maisa Shamoun Ibrahim Shamoun
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University of Khartoum
The toxic effects of various levels of hexachloroethane and rafoxanide on cross breed goats were investigated. Goats received hexachloroethane showed no gain in body weights. The clinical signs were very clear in goats received 29.5 g/animal (the therapeutic dose) and deaths in those received 44.25 g/animal (one and half the therapeutic dose). The main signs were diarrhea, tympany, salivation and nervous signs accompanied by inco-ordination, staggering, twitching in neck, paddling, paralysis and recumbency. These signs were transient in goats given 29.5 g/animal and more severe leading to death in goats drenched with 44.25 g/animal. In both groups lesions included liver fatty change, proliferous bile duct, congestion, haemosiderosis and haemorrhage. Also infiltration of mononuclear cells in kidney and intestine were observed in goats dosed with the therapeutic dose. The drug caused reduction in serum total protein, albumin, globulin and increase in serum enzymes activities GOT and γGT, creatinine, urea beside the decrease in minerals levels sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous. The drug also resulted in anaemia. Goats received rafoxanide at the therapeutic dose 3 ml/10 kg and 3 times the therapeutic dose 9 ml/10 kg showed increase in weight gains and no clinical or histopathological signs were observed. Changes in serum total protein, albumin, globulin, serum enzymes GOT and γGT, creatinine, urea, sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorous were transient in goats received the therapeutic dose. These parameters tended to the normal values after the end of the drug elimination period in goats drenched with triple the therapeutic dose. These findings indicate that rafoxanide has no effects on the biochemical and haematological parameters in goats at the therapeutic dose and three times that dose and proved to be safe.
In fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc.)
Pharmacology and Toxicology Clinico Toxicological Tetrachloride Rafoxanide Goats University of Khartoum
Maisa Shamoun Ibrahim Shamoun, Clinico Toxicological Study of Tetrachloride And Rafoxanide on Goats .- Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2003 .- 185p. : illus., 28cm., M.Sc.