Construction And Testing Of A Natural Convective Solar Dryer For Drying Meat

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Mustafa, El Rashid Ismail Yahia
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In this study, a natural convective solar dryer was designed and constructed as the Workshop of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat. It consisted of separate collector and drying chamber. Inside the drying chamber there were six wooden sticks for hanging strips of meats. The constructed dryer was used to dry a thin layer of meat strips. Several test runs were conducted on the constructed dryer at Faculty of Agriculture, Shambat, to determine meat drying curves and to investigate the dryer performance and efficiency. The results showed the best fit curve was found to be exponential for moisture content versus drying time and drying rate versus drying time curves, and was found to be linear for drying rate versus moisture content curve. The performance tests results revealed that the dryer attained a temperature 18.5؛C higher than the ambient. Also results showed that the heated air relative humidity was lower than the ambient by 11%. The results showed that an average of 4 kg of meat strips was dried from an average initial moisture content of 71.5% (wet basis) to an average final moisture content of 10.6% (wet basis). The average dryer loading and unloading time were found to be 0.17 and 0.09 hr, respectively. The average drying rate was found to be 0.14 kg/hr and the average drying time was found to be 20 hrs (in two days). The average system drying efficiency for the dryer was found to be 14.6%. The results of the thermal performance of the dryer in terms of heat utilization factor (HUF), coefficient of performance (COP) and effective heat efficiency (EHE) were found to be 0.29, 0.71 and 0.28 respectively
Drying Meat,Agricultural Engineering