An Evaluation Study of the Design and Construction of an Existing Homogeneous Earth Embankment

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Omer, Hamadain Mohammed
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The earth embankments are simple structures, but as any structure their design and construction of earth embankments require clear technical specification and qualified supervision and contractor staff to build a safe and stable structure. In general the study presented in this thesis may be considered an effort to contribute the field of design, construction and evaluation of existing embankment. The main objective of this study was represented in define the deficiencies in the existing embankment with respect to design and construction to evaluate its expected performance in the future. The study reviewed the relevant data required for evaluation those available from the technical reports prepared by embankment designer, and additional data and information from a comprehensive inspection program planned and executed in this study to check and compare the data to be used in the evaluation process. Also, the study presented the current condition of the embankment according to final results obtained from analysis of collected data. The main conclusions drawn from this study that the evaluated earth embankment is neither suitable nor capable to protect the costly developments and structures planned to be constructed in the urban area on landside downstream of embankment. Extensive and costly remedial works would be done to reduce the risk of embankment failure and planning should be started to design and construct new structure, correctly and appropriately to protect the urban area.
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