Vegetative Propagation of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) By Wedge Grafting

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Nasr, Abubakre Abbas Musa
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University of Khartoum
A field experiment was conducted at Dongla district, Northern State; to study the effects of four preventive cultural practices on the survival of transplanted offshoots of two date cultivars. Three types of soil were used as planting media. Pre planting preventive cultural practices included: grounded charcoal, burnt plant residues in planting holes or pits, flaming of planting pits with benzine and immersing detached offshoots bases in Chlorex (5%), in add- ition to the control. Fine riverbank silt loam, pure sand and high upper trass soil (clay) were the three media for offshoots transplanting. “Barakawi” offshoots, a difficult- to- root, cultivar and “Mishrig Wad Lagii” offshoots, an easy- to root cultivar were used throughout this study. After nine months from transplanting the following parameters were measured: survival percentage, number of developed roots, average root length, number of new leaves, average length of new leaves and number of second generation suckers that are produced on transplanted offshoots. Charcoal proved to be the best in survival percentage and rooting among all treatments tested and in all parameters measured, with significant effects, with an increase 0f 50 % from the control in both average number of root and number of green leaves. On the other hand an increase of 27.9 %, 26.9 % and 23.3 % from the control was recorded with survival percentage , the average length of newly formed leaves and average length of roots respectively. Sand soil proved to be the best rooting medium for the two cultivars, with significant effect in most of the parameters measured, silt loam was the second best. As for the effect of the two cultivars “Mishrig Wad Lagii” was superior to “Barakawi” in all parameters measured with significant differences. The results obtained showed that the number of root formed is an excellent indication of the success of transplanting of date offshoots. It seemed to be best among all parameters measured showing more signifancy than all others parameter measured.
February, 2004
Mango; Mangifera; soil; Dongla