Rational Use Of Fired Clay Bricks Comparative Study Between Load-Bearing & Concrete Skeleton Structures

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Awadalla, Abdelhalim Abdelrazig
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University of Khartoum
Most buildings in Northern Sudan have been constructed as loadbearing structures. In recent years reinforced concrete skeleton is widely used in big towns and cities. Machine made fired clay bricks are mainly used as facing skin for aesthetic and maintenance free purposes. Can machine made bricks, when used as loadbearing structures, be an alternative to reinforced concrete skeletons? The answer to this question, is the main objective of this study. This dissertation attempted to cover the following aspects: (i) Collection of information and data about brickwork design, including techniques used in the existing loadbearing structures in Sudan, advantage and disadvantage of brickwork, physical and mechanical properties of brickwork materials such as bricks (ordinary and machine) and mortars. (ii) Determination of the characteristic compressive strength of brickwork using prism tests and some other methods according to some of the codes of practice together with factors affecting the compressive strength of brickwork and loadbearing capacity of brickwork. (iii) Experimental works, which included tests on the BRRI bricks, mortars, prisms and the results were used in the calculations of the characteristic compressive strength of brickwork used in the design of the loadbearing structures. (iv) Adoption of an existing apartment building and determination of the number of floors, which can be supported using BRRI Soba Factory Bricks. (v) Design the adopted building as a loadbearing structure, and redesign it as a reinforced concrete skeleton. (vi) Estimation of the costs of the two types of structures applying a suitable costing method and comparing the results for the two structures with respect to the total values, types and quantities of materials used, and the savings in the strategic material such as steel reinforcement and cement. The significance of the conclusions from these results were discussed. (vii) The study showed clearly that machine made brick of Soba plant can be used as loadbearing up to five storey building and its cost is less than that for reinforced concrete frame building systems.
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Northern Sudan;brickwork;Soba Factory Bricks;Water; Workmanship; Mortar