Watermelon Chlorotic Stunt Geminivirus (WCSV): Transmission and Disease Spread.

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Marchelo, P.W.
Dafalla, G.A.
Mohammed, Y.F.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
The rate of transmission was found to be 5.29 using ten whiteflies/test for WCSV isolate in the Gezira locality, but transmission by a single whitefly was not successful. The virus could be acquired in one hour (12.5%), but acquisition access period (AAP) required for 50% infection of test plants was four hours. Also, one hour inoculation access period (IAP) was sufficient to achieve 11.1% transmission, while 8-12 hours IAP was necessary to achieve 50% infection of test plants. Under field conditions, disease incidence was correlated positively with sowing date and whitefly numbers. Disease foci appeared four weeks after sowing and subsequent spread was random and not affected by wind characteristics. Highest disease incidence levels (above 80%) were recorded in June and August sowing, while lowest incidence levels (below 5%) were recorded in December sowing.
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