Production Performance of Crossbred (Saanen and Nubian) Goats in the Second Kidding under Sudan Conditions

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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The present study was conducted to determine birth weight, body weight, milk yield, milk composition, freezing point and acidity at second kidding of 8 crossbred goats. The does (average body weight was 33.5 kg) were milked once daily and weighed every ten days. The average birth weight of kids was 3.56 kg. Average milk yield was 1.237 L and the peak daily milk yield of 1.359 L was reached during 40-50 days of lactation. The averages milk constituents were 4.173±1.399% fat, 3.66±0.835% protein, 4.914+0.66% lactose, 0.733±0.245% ash and 13.48±1.727% total solids. The average freezing point was-0.561±0.0365°C and acidity was 0.203±0.035%. Milk constituents were plotted during the study. The correlation between body weight and milk yield, body weight and fat, while milk yield and total solids, freezing point and total solids and lactose content and freezing point revealed a negative value.
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Milk yield, milk composition, second kidding, crossbred (Saanenx Nubian) goats, Sudan