Hypercholesterolemia due to chronic renal failure in diabetic Sudanese patients

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Abd Almoniem, Mohja
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This study was conducted to compare the concentration of serum cholesterol in CRF patients due to diabetes with CRF due to other causes and making general assessment for the chance of developing atheroscleroatic cardiovascular disease .The study was performed in 80 Sudanese patients on hemodialysis and peirtoneal dialysis 40 of them had CRF due to D.M and others had CRF due to other causes. Health Sudanese served as control . Serum samples were analyzed using colorimetric methods Serum concentration of the total cholesterol showed significant increase and decrease in high density lipoprotein in CRF patients due to diabetes. This group has more chance for developing atheroscleratic cardiovascular disease when compaired with CRF group due to other causes and with the health subjects. The mean of total cholesterol was 255mg/dl in the first group and in the second was 183mg/dl, triacylglycerols was 177mg/dl for the first group and for the second was 163mg/dl, low density lipoprotein was187mg/dl for the first group and for the second was113mg/dl, high density lipoprotein cholesterol was 27mg/dl for the first group and for the second is 31mg/dl. There was no effect of sex, age, and the duration of renal failure. This study evaluate the effect of diabetes mellitus on lipoproteins in patients with CRF as atherosclerotic risk factor.
hyperlipidemia,renal failure,Peritoneal dialysis