Precessing And Storage Stability Of A Carbonated Beverage With Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum L.) Buds

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Jassim Mohmmed Mahgoub Mohmmed, Mohmmed
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the purpose of this study was to prepare a carbonated beverage with clove buds at different concentrations in an attempt to find the best concentration and formula as well as to examine the storage stability in different packaging material. Proximate chemical analysis was carried out for clove buds and the results showed that they contained 9.65% moisture, 22.47% fat, 3.73% ash, 30.29% crude fiber, 2.21% crude protein and 31.65% carbohydrate. carbonated beverages were prepared from aqueous extract of clove buds at different ratios (1:20, 1:10, 1:7.5 and 1:5clove buds: water) then food additives were added; sugar (sweetener), gum arabic (stabilizer and emulsifier), citric acid (acidifier), ascorbic acid (antioxidant), sodium benzoate (preservative) and carbonated water. The prepared beverages were analyzed for pH, titrable acidity, total soluble solid (TSS), gas volume, sensory evaluation as well as microbial load. The sensory evaluation of clove buds carbonated beverages was carried out to identify the preferred sample. The results showed that the best acceptability index was for aqueous extract of the ratio 1:7.5 with soaking for 6 hours and containing 56% TSS made to a total volume of 1:4 with carbonated water. The effect of storage on the preferred sample filled in polyethylene bottles as well as in cans at room temperature (28°C – 32°C) and in refrigerator (2°C - 6°C) for 6 months, was examined for pH, titrable acidity, total soluble solid (TSS) and gas volume. The results showed that titrable acidity and TSS were increased, while pH and gas volume were decreased for both polyethylene bottles and cans at room temperature and refrigerator throughout storage period. The microbial analysis of a preferred sample was carried out to determine the effective role of the preservative. The result showed that no microbial contamination (bacteria, yeasts and moulds) was found either with or without sodium benzoate in the samples throughout storage period
Precessing And Storage Stability Of A Carbonated Beverage With Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum L.) Buds