Properties Of Steel Used For Structural Purposes In Buildings In The Sudan

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Abdel Habeeb, Mohamed A.
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University of Khartoum
The study focuses on compliances with standard specifications of steel used for structural purposes in Sudan. To achieve this objective, the study was divided into two parts. The first one focuses on studying structural steel, including hot-rolled sections as universal beams, angles, hollow sections (circular, square and rectangular), sheet…etc. The second part studies cold-rolled sections, compound sections and reinforcing bars of both plain and deformed types. The study was limited to types used for building purposes, for a better focus on a vast subject, on the other hand, such types are divided into local and imported sections. The various properties of steel were studied. These included tensile strength, and yield strength and ductility through tests of tensile, hardness, impact and bending and rebending. A chemical analysis of sample sections was conducted to show percentage of carbon and other important elements such as sulfur and phosphorus. The study compare samples to standard specifications (BS, ASTM, EUR, JIS and DIN). A comparison was also done on the different sample sections of structural steel. The study findings show that most of the imported steel sections comply with specifications, while locally made steel varies as to compliance with specifications. This is discussed in detail in the study. We hope for the expanding of the study of structural steel and that such research takes a more specialized manner.
hardness;chemical analysis;steel;Tensile Test;Omdurman;American Society;Chemical composition