Construction of Volume Tables for Eucalyptus Plantations in Irrigated Schemes and Blue Nile Gerf Lands

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El Tayeb, A.M.
El Siddig, E.A
Erabi, E.B
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
Volume tables were constructed for eucalypts plantations in the Gezira, El Rahad and El Suki irrigated schemes and the Blue Nile "Gerf" lands. Sample trees (564), covering the whole range of growth variation of Eucalyptus microtheca and E.camaldulensis, were used for this purpose. Volume equations were derived using regression techniques and statistical tests of fitness. Covariance analysis was used for comparing the equations constructed for the two species at different parts of the study area. A common volume table was constructed for E. camaldulensis plantations in the whole study area, but two different volume tables for E. microtheca were compiled one for the Gezira and another for El Rahad area. The differences in the volume equations parameters in those areas may be due to site factors and/or irrigation regimes.
Page(s): 1 (2), 37- 48, 6 Ref.
El Rahad, Gezira scheme, regression techniques and Eucalyptus microtheca.