Psychosocial Impact of Asthma on Children and their Parents

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Elhag,Fatima Abdelfattah Ibrahim
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University of Khartoum
A description cross sectional hospital based study was conducted during the period January – June 2006 in some hospitals in Khartoum State. The main objectives of the study were to study the psychological and social impact of asthma in children and their parents and to evaluate the financial burden of the disease on families. The study included 90 children with their mothers, the majority of children 32.2% were in the age group. (6- < 12) male to female ratio was (1.3), 28 (31.1%) of children had mild asthma, 41 (45.6%) had moderate asthma and 21 (23.3%) had severe asthma. 76 (84.4%) had restriction of daily activity, 61 (67.8%) had restriction of playing because of their illness. This restriction was significantly associated with behavioral problems in 31 (50.8%) of children in the study group. 71 (78.9%) had interrupted schooling, 6 (6.7%) stopped schooling because of their illness. Behavioral problems were detected in 35 (38.9%), children, 18 (65.7%) were male and 17 (43.3%) were females and the majority of them 26 (74.2%) were in the age group. [9 – 16 years), 18 (85.7%) of those with severe asthma and 16 (39%) of those moderate asthma had behaviour of problems and when compared with those of mild asthma 1 (3.6%), it was statistically significant. Financial help was provided mainly by relatives in 52 (57.8%). Marital life of the guardian was not affected but their day to day life was disturbed by the physical care of the ill child in 70 (77.8%) and the social visit to relatives is reduced. Children siblings’ affection was mainly due to maternal unavailability. The mothers of children had anxiety and depression in 39 (43.3%) and 25 (27.8%) respectively. Mother's anxiety and depression was directly related to their children’s asthma severity and behavioral problems.
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children;society;economics;Kingdom;bronchial hyperresponsiveness;whether;season