Some Reproductive and Productive Traits of Camel (Came!us dromedarius) in Western Sudan

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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Some reproductive and productive traits of the One-humped Camel dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) in Western Sudan were studied. The results of reproductive traits presented in this study indicated that Camel was conceived and calved through out the year and a high incidence was observed in wet-summer season. Age at first oestrus (months), oestrus cycle (days) oestrus duration (hours) was 39.24±5.78, 12.29±4.09 and 18.56±8.01, respectively. Age at first calving (months), gestation length (days) and calving interval (month) was 52.41±7.74, 37 0.28±1 9.06 and 20.96+3.51, respectively. Calves were weaned at 275.09±24.1 8days; milk yield per day was 9.62±3.09 liter during 2.85±0.83 milking number per day. Similarly, lactation length was estimated 303.98±6.03day and the peak of milk yield was attended at 9.09±2.09 year of age. The number of calf per age was similar estimated 12.66±2.39 calf. Wet-summer was observed a high mortality rate among the other seasons
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Arabian camel, reproduction, production, Sudan