Effect of Chicken Manure, Soil Type and Salinity on Growth and Yield of Spearmint

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Mekki, Salwa Ahmed
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The experiment was carried out at Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Institute Farm for the growing seasons 2001 - 2002. The planting date was the 15/11/2001. The objective of this experiment is to study the effect of chicken manure, soil type and salinity on herbage yield and oil content of spearmint "Baladi Nanaa". The experiment comprised two chicken manure rates [0.0 ton/fed and 16 ton/fed], two soil types [Shambat and Soba ] and two salinity levels [Tap water EC = 0.26 dsm-1 and saline water EC = 1.0 dsm-1]. The treatments were arranged in a split-split-plot design with three replicates where salinity levels assigned to the main plots, soil types assigned to the sub-plots and chicken manure assigned to the sub-sub plots. The plants harvested two times, the first cut made in the 18/3/2002 and the second cut five weeks after the first cut. Parameters measured include, plant height, number of branches/stem, fresh and dry herbage yield, roots fresh and dry weight and oil content Shambat soil out yielded Soba soil and salinity found to reduce all measured parameter significantly Chicken manure found to increase all measured parameters significantly where as a positive effect of chicken manure in alleviating salinity effect was proved. Hence reclamation of marginal lands with chicken manure found to improve both growth and yield attributes of spearmint
May 2003
Chicken Manure,Soil,Spearmint