A Note on the Proximate Analysis of Nine Sudanese Grain Sorghum Varieties

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Khair, M.A.M.
Krause, R.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
The present study aimed at providing the proximate analysis of the grains of nine sorghum varieties. The results showed that, in all varieties, crude fibres, crude fats and ash constituted (collectively) only 7.2% - 8.3% of the dry matter of the grains. The sum of the nitrogen free extracts (NFE) and crude protein (CP), on the other hand, constituted 91% to 92% of the dry matter of the grains. In all varieties, the nutritive values of the grains, therefore, depend mainly on their contents of NFE and CP. In animal feeding, sorghum grains are usually used as energy sources, whereas groundnut seed cake is used as CP source. Correction of the relatively low CP of the grains of most of the varieties with groundnut seed cakes will, therefore, eliminate or reduce the difference in the nutritive values among the varieties. Selection of sorghum grains as animal feed could then be based solely on their market prices.
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