Failure Investigation of Two Story Load Bearing Building in Omdurman

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Osman, Yassir Ibrahim
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Building failures usually appear in the form of cracks on walls and other structural members such as beams columns and slabs. These failures may be partial or over the whole structure. Foundations and the soil underneath have a fundamental role on causing these failures. This study investigated the reasons that caused severe cracks in a two-story residential building located in Althowra Alhara –19, and suggested the appropriate methods for its treatment and maintenance. Structural Analysis Program SAP90 was used for computing the stresses along the foundation strip at foundation level and up to one meter below it. Some field and laboratory tests were conducted such as excavating tests pits, performing cone penetration and plate load tests mainly to recognize the engineering index properties and the soil strength on which the building was constructed. From the test results, it was found that the foundation soil is collapsible. This type of soil possesses relative high strength but with the increase of it’s moisture content it can loose most of this strength. Moisture increase may be due to rainwater and leakage from septic tanks pipes and fresh water supplies. Remedial methods for treatment and maintenance of these problems were given.
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